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Crimson Woods is a cooperative survival horror game where you play as a group of Camp Counselors. You move around the 36 tile modular board searching for keys and resources to help in your escape from Camp Crimson Woods before the Killer can hunt you down and kill you. Crimson Woods is a 2 to 6 player game.

"You've tied in your mechanics to your theme that is truly something great"

"I could see us playing this game over and over again"

"This is a great game and can't wait to have the final copy"


These are the Boys and Girls Bunk Tiles. Two of the starting tiles that will always be face up on the 36 modular board that makes up Camp Crimson Woods.


Variety of Resource Cards. You will draw these from the deck of cards that also control the length of the game.


Camp Counselor Card. This gives you flavor about each individual character. It also lets you know the stats for each individual character and their special abilities.


New tile! This is one of the tiles that will be face down and you will have to explore. The text in the bottom left is what you will resolve when you land there. Some good things but be careful because the Killer can always pop up! 

Components List:

  • 42 Resource Cards

  • 36 Event Deck (not pictured)

  • 36 Tiles

  • 6 Counselor Meeples

  • 6 Counselor Cards (not pictured)

  • 2 Green Counselor Dice

  • 1 Red Killer Meeple 

  • 3 Red Killer Dice

  • 7 Blood Counters

  • 1 Black / 1 White Killer Location Die

  • 1 Killer Movement Die

  • 2 Generator Counters

  • 6 Dead Body Counters (not pictured)

  • 32 Search Mini Cards (pictured as tokens)

  • 1 Rulebook